Sunday, March 1, 2009

Florida Edition: Volume 1

AH. Our first full day in Florida. Arrived yesterday to the Sarasota Airport around 1115. Grabbed a taxi (horrible driver - New York style - almost hit another car in the first 2 miles), and stopped by the condo to drop luggage, then headed straight over to lunch. Maybe the best cheeseburger I have ever had. Melted cheese, two pattie's...they even boasted best burger on the beach...I buy it. 

It got up to 79 degrees yesterday. Allison and I were both pretty tired from getting up so early, but she especially had only slept for about 2 hours over the course of the past two days because of a Finance test. So, we both behaved accordingly and fell asleep on the beach. Allison slept a good 2.5 hours while I was off and on, doing some reading and walking in between. Also accordingly, we fried. I realized early enough that my face isn't too bad yet, but Allison's arms and legs are pretty spicy red. God granted us some relief and we've got clouds today. It is pretty windy here and rained this morning. Just supposed to stay cool today. Pretty convenient because we are headed to the Reds v. Yankees game today on bikes. Game is at 1:05 and Allison woke up approximately...37 minutes 11. That was only after I tried making lots of noise, walking in and out of the room, shuffling around in the bathroom. Finally I opened the blinds and she scolded me for not waking her up sooner. Oops...didn't realize that you silencing your alarm 5 times in a row meant that you were ready to get up.

No sweat though. I realized that she needed sleep and I got a lot of things done this morning. I am TOTALLY my mother's daughter in lots of ways, but this morning it was so clear. I woke up early at the beach...not as early as mom (8:30)...realized it was raining so stayed inside. I read some of my book, started a grocery list, cut up some fruit, got the internet working, loaded the dishwasher, wrote Becca a letter, and cleaned up some of our stuff from yesterday. 

Last night, our first saturday night of senior year in college Spring break, Allison and I WILED out. We: went to the grocery for a few essentials before hitting the big grocery today; cut and ate veggies, cheese and hummus; fixed a whole world map puzzle; watched a few episodes of my first home on TLC; went to bed at 1030 PM. Talk about ROWDY. I miss you guys. Something so different about doing a beach trip without family. The sand here is pristine white, and blue water...not exactly South Carolina, huh? Love it just the same though. Sun is sun and the beach is the beach to me. Wish y'all could be here!


Kathy said...

can't think of anywhere I would rather be right now! Enjoy... and spend $$!

Grandpa said...

Have a great time down there, Jaclyn. Wish you were here instead, though! Love you.