Friday, March 13, 2009

Technology at its greatest.

I have just signed on for the latest in Stalker Technology...well...the latest to me. Caroline Fontenot, a dear friend from summer staff who I mention on here periodically because she is a great photographer with a sweet blog, sent me an email at my request explaining to me the ins and outs of this new fangled technology: Twitter. Anyone who is interested can follow my updates on their computer...or be notified of what I am doing every minute of the day via text. It is a phenomenom that I am still skeptical of, but famous people do this thing.

That is what the new widget on the side of my blog is for. Twitter seems kind of like mini blogging to me. Caroline informs me I only get 140 words each time I "tweet."

Wanna know the best part? My BFF Danny Gokey from American Idol has it. Found him on Caroline's friends and I LOVE that.

Okay. I will give you updates on my feeling about Twitter later on today or tomorrow. My house is freezing because the heat is off and my fingers can barely move to type.

Pee ess. My Grandpa has facebook now. I love that even more. Can't wait until he is a tweeter!


Grandpa said...

I don't know about that, Jaclyn! I haven't been on 24 hours yet and I am ready to withdraw!

Kathy said...

especially after explaining his page to him, only to have FB change their look!