Monday, March 16, 2009

In case you were wondering...

I have realized that as the months go on, I am increasing the number of websites/email services that I check on a daily basis. I get bored easily and for the amount of time I spend on the computer I am always interested in new fun blogs to follow or new websites that are of interest.

I am currently web maneuvering between (in no specific order):

Facebook (of course)
Twitter (this is new for me because of urging from friends, but becoming scary addicting. It may require some Lenten abstinence)
Blogger (where I think I follow about 26 blogs - not all of them active - cough - PIERCE - I get to check and see it anyone has commented on my blog. For instance the picture of my messy room didn't get as much attention as I had thought it would.)
My Xavier Email (soon to be null and void!)
My NEW Gmail account ( (various cities)

My new favorite thing has become job searching websites. Oh wait, did I say favorite? I mean LEAST favorite.

So...I am not sure of the purpose of this post. In case you were wondering? LOL


Click Clack said...

you forgot linked-in!

carolinefontenot said...

You should get has made the time I waste catching up on Twitter about 75% less..because it just updates as they come. That way, you don't have to go to your Twitter Home page and scan through all the updates you haven't seen! Brilliant.