Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Florida Edition: Volume 3 Allison

It is getting rather late in the morning, and the sun is Allison is going to make this quick. 

Well to back track on Jaclyn & I's experience so far... 

Sunday was an eventful day.. We road bikes to the Reds v Yankee's game at Ed Smith Stadium.(A grand-slam W for the Reds) We stood against the fence most of the game to chat with the players, or with ourselves since they never really responded. After each inning players normally walk right in front of where we were standing, not only to come talk to us but on their way to their locker room as well. So we saw all these famous people whom we had no idea one of their names. I am a big Cincinnati fan, by that I mean I enjoy going to the sporting events and know nothing really about the teams, and decided maybe the Reds players were as well, so I yelled "Who Dey" to them after their big win against the Yankees, hardly did they find this entertaining, oh well - JT and I did... But then there are some players who come over to the edge of the fence and sign autographs, take pictures etc. We got 2 pictures with players & one of the pictures we have no idea who the man is.. Couldn't see a number or last name anywhere.. oh well.  So then we road back through the village. 

We are staying at one end of Siesta Key and the village/public beach is at the other, all of 2 mile difference. I wanted to go to the sunset at the public beach since the hippies come out at "beat down the sun" on sunday nights. It was an experience I will not forget. Lots of people dancing around like they could be on some drug, but may not be and this is just their natural spirit. Very interesting, JT has video's she can post.. Word's can not describe these characters but it was a lot of fun and hilarious to watch. 

Tuesday night, we went to Captain Curt's, restaurant/bar near the condo.. We were pleasantly surprised with a Beatle's cover band, (JT particularly captivated by the lead singers studded bell bottom jeans) "the Fab Three" who decided to play 4 by adding a girl to the band, v interesting. The girl had the lowest voice of them all. But they were great and fun to watch, until this man decided to sit down with Jaclyn and I. His name is Lauren, and he is by far the creepiest man I have ever come across in the 22 years of coming to Siesta Key. He had this creepy constant chuckling laugh, and asked to sit with us. Thinking it was a harmless situation I said sure, then when he decided to try and talk to us the whole entire time it ruined the Beatles experience. Come to find out Lauren owns a coin collecting business, owning his own business is great, he gets to work his own hours. He also buys scrap gold (like the commercial), which is just great as well. He believes his business is "recession-proof" & just loves it. (all with little chuckles in between each statement). He is friends with the guitar player, Michael (studded jeans and fake british accent) - who when the band went on a break hardly acted as if they were friends. Michael used to work for Lauren... scrapping gold I assume. Lauren asked where we stayed, how long, etc. Made sure to tell him only 1 more day and a complex at the other end of the island - ur welcome Mrs. Thomas. Jaclyn got a kick out of telling him she was studying chemistry....far from the truth.. I was trying to get the waitress to get our bill to get out of there. The night we met Lauren may have been one of the most rowdy nights in Siesta Key, but we are hitting up the village tonight, and who knows what locals will be there..... Until then, stay warm. hahaha


Kathy said...

Thanks Allison!

The Tuel's said...

i was getting nervous there for a second when you told him where you were staying and for how long. whew! had me going for a minute! =)